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Cube Universal Trips Ltd is a fully registered Nigerian company carrying on the business of travel management, providing flight tickets, hotel bookings and reservations, tours, luxury cruises and other similar travels and leisure services for leisure and business travel purposes. It was incorporated in June 2020( RC 1676184).
We are a young and upwardly mobile travel management company in Nigeria. Our scope of operation includes local and international flight tickets, hotel reservations, luxury cruises, honeymoon packages, international and local tour packages, Dubai visas, Visa assistance,airport pick up and drop-offs, car rentals, Since inception, the company has continually gained positive business impressions from its customers as a result of our continuous effort in rendering qualitative services with exceptional service delivery. We are striving to achieve the best practices across the industry with emphasis on technical ticketing expertise, customer service, competitiveness, professionalism and partnerships.

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